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What’s New at SocialWest 2020?

SocialWest 2020 will be our fifth anniversary and we’re so excited to show you what we’ve been working on.

Every year, we send our attendees a post-conference survey, and we take what we learn from the surveys and use it to build a better and more inclusive conference experience.

One of the biggest takeaways from SocialWest 2019 was attendees' desire to have focused sessions for non-profits and small businesses, which often rely on digital marketing more than any other kind of marketing. But their smaller budgets sometimes preclude them from executing some of the large scale campaigns that we all dream of. So we’ve created a special afternoon for those exact people.

Pre-Event Seminar: Punching Above Your Online Weight: An afternoon for Non-Profits, Arts Organizations, Small Businesses and Students.

This year, we’re excited to add a pre-event that focused on making the most out of your limited resources.

On Wednesday, June 3, from 1:00 - 4:30 PM. SocialWest is pleased to present a half-day of sessions and workshops designed for novices in digital marketing and social media, and/or organizations with small budget and fewer staff.

These affordable tickets are perfect for non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals furthering their digital education. The sessions will focus on compelling storytelling, establishing your digital voice, the basics of content creation, and an introduction to channel management.

Tickets to this half-day event are just $75, and attendees will learn from some of our SocialWest speakers, who will give unique presentations tailored specifically for this audience.

If you’ve ever said “Yeah, that marketing campaign sounds great, but I don’t have a $25,000 budget” this is the day for you.

If you’re attending SocialWest, you can buy a ticket to this pre-event as an add-on. Or if you’d like, you can purchase a ticket to just this event, and get a taste of what SocialWest is all about.