Western Canada's Largest Digital Marketing Conference

Calgary, Alberta

Eau Claire Cinemas

September 9 - 11, 2020

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The conference that keeps Canadian digital marketers and communications professionals ahead of the trends and at the top of their game.

Be confident that your digital voice is saying all the right things to all the right people. Tap into your audiences, dig into your analytics, and push beyond your comfort zone to power your strategies, up your tactical game, and deliver results.

With over 800 attendees, SocialWest is Western Canada's Largest Social Media and Digital Marketing Conference - offering an unprecedented opportunity for networking and professional development.

Tickets now more than 70% sold!

What to Expect

2.5 days of 40+ exceptional speaker sessions

A choice of three epic speaker experiences every hour

3 evenings of networking and community-building

A cinematic experience with 50-foot screens and surround-sound

Dynamic Speakers, Cutting-Edge Insights

Our presenters have done the work — the budgeting, strategizing, management and reporting — so they know what it takes to build a successful social media and digital marketing strategy. Their experience, enthusiasm and commitment to elevating the Canadian digital marketing industry is what sets SocialWest speakers apart.

To get a sense of what to expect in 2020, check out the full speaker roster for SocialWest 2019 here.

SocialWest 2020 will feature 40+ expert speakers. The first 20 are below. Stay tuned for more speaker announcements!

"YouTube for Brands"

Susan Charles Brand Strategy Lead

"B2B Marketing Trends for 2020"

Jeff Lancaster Agency Lead, North America

"Conversations that Shape Culture"

Michelle Slater Head of Business Marketing

"ROAS is Garbage"

Duncan Blair Director of Marketing

"Purpose Driven Storytelling"

Christine Colling Social Media Strategist

"Cracking the Case Study Code: How to Capture, Share, and Cash in on Customer Success Stories"

Joel Klettke Owner

"2020 Social Media Trends"

Alicia Taggio Senior Manager, Customer Success

"Three Ways to Make Your Marketing More Effective"

Marc Binkley Director Digital and Strategy

"From Acquisition to Awareness"

Gabrielle Maheux Digital Marketing Manager

"Generating Leads Without Spending a Dime"

Derek Hovinga Content Strategist

"Crafting the Perfect Influencer Pitch and Developing the Most Effective Influencer Strategy"

Linda Hoang Owner, Social Media Strategist

"Forecast Your Way to Success: Assess the Viability of Your Paid Media Campaigns from the Outset"

Jake Surrey Head of Digital - North America

"Stress Less About Social Media"

Victoria Smith Founder and Stress Reduction Coach

"Organic Reach Isn't Dead: Getting Results in a Competitive Environment"

Lane Anderson Owner

"Sharing Your Company's Social Impact Story"

Jennifer Couldery Executive Director

"The Future of Child-Focused Digital Advertising"

Daniel Riddell Chief Technology Officer

"Content Syndication: The Answer to Your Content Woes"

Beverley Theresa Social Media Strategist and Consultant

"How to Future-Proof Your Brand and the Role Digital Plays"

Luiza Campos Founder & Owner

"How to Gather, Use, and Champion Ethical (and Effective) Data"

Cordell Vos Senior Media Strategist -- Co-Presenter

"How to Gather, Use, and Champion Ethical (and Effective) Data"

Lisa Gacek Account Director -- Co-Presenter

"The Hero Dies: Creativity and Making Content to Sell Your Story"

Stephen Lubig Producer/Director, Marketing & Brand Alberta

"Is Creative Dead? – Using Machine Learning to Make Better Marketing Decisions"

Michael Racioppo Director, Digital

"Why Growing Your Email List Matters More Than Your Social Media Followers"

Brittany Dakins Owner, Artist & Digital Strategist

"Attention is a Scarce Resource: How to Find, Nurture and Build Client Relationships"

Doug van Spronsen Partner

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Who Should Attend

SocialWest is an annual investment in professional development for people working in digital marketing, social media or communications who need to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in digital best practices, social customer service, and beyond.

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  • Social Media Managers
  • Communications & Marketing Professionals
  • Digital Marketers
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Other Marketing Leaders
  • Small Business Operators
  • Communications Students
  • Content Managers
  • Self-represented professionals & artists
  • Photographers, videographers, technicians and artists who want to provide services to social media marketers

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