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The image shows a bustling conference or event hall where attendees are networking. The crowd is diverse, with people wearing conference badges, indicating that they might be participants, speakers, or exhibitors. Some individuals are standing at booths, suggesting that the event includes vendor or information stations. There's an active exchange of ideas and information taking place, with some attendees carrying promotional materials. This environment is typical of industry conferences, trade shows, or professional gatherings, where participants engage in learning, networking, and promotional activities.
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Canada's Largest Digital Marketing Conference

June 5 - 7, 2024Calgary, Alberta
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  • 750+ ATTENDEES
  • 40+ Expert Speakers
  • 7th Annual Event

Unlock the Future of Digital Marketing, Social Media, Marketing Tech, and AI


Dive into the heart of digital marketing at SocialWest. Explore a mix of hot topics, from trends and sustainable practices to impactful media strategies. Gain insights into customer behavior, AI, influencer marketing, creative messaging, and inclusive marketing to elevate your brand.

Experience expert-led workshops focused on storytelling, navigating digital noise, and understanding social media regulations. Discover keys to sustainable growth, effective content, and SMS marketing's potential. Join industry leaders for panel discussions and get hands-on with the latest marketing tech. SocialWest is your ticket to mastering the fast-paced digital marketing world.

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In the image, a speaker stands on a stage with a microphone in hand, addressing an audience. The attendees appear to be actively engaged, with several hands raised in the air, possibly in response to a question from the speaker or to volunteer for an interactive segment of the presentation. The speaker is smiling and seems to be interacting with the audience members. The backdrop of the stage is a simple, solid-colored curtain, focusing the audience's attention on the speaker. This setting is typical of a conference or seminar where there is direct interaction between the presenter and the audience.

Topics covered at SocialWest

  • The image displays a collection of four black icons on a transparent background, each representing a different digital communication or media concept:  A musical note inside a square, symbolizing music or audio content. A megaphone, indicating announcements, public speaking, or amplification of a message. Speech bubbles overlaid, suggesting text communication, chat, or messaging. A play button inside a square, denoting video content or multimedia playback. These icons are typically used to denote different types of media or ways to engage with content on digital platforms.
    Content Marketing & Video
  • The image features three black icons on a transparent background, representing different communication methods:  A mobile phone with the letters
    Email and SMS marketing
  • The image shows a black outline of a light bulb next to a checkmark inside a ribbon, all set against a transparent background. The light bulb is a universal symbol for ideas or innovation, and the checkmark ribbon suggests approval, certification, achievement, or quality assurance. This combination of symbols could represent an innovative idea that has been recognized or approved.
    Marketing Technology Innovations
  •  The image shows a black outline of a symbol representing a digital or programmatic advertisement. The central part of the icon has the letters
    The Future of AI in Marketing
  • The image shows a black outline of a hand positioned as if holding something, with a star above it that has a figure of a person in the center. This is a common symbol for
    Influencer Marketing
  • The image features a set of four black icons against a transparent background:  A rook or castle tower from a chess set, symbolizing strategy or defense. A plus sign, often used to indicate a positive action, addition, or feature. An image icon with a mountain and sun, commonly representing a photo or gallery. A video play icon, denoting video content or media playback. These icons could be used to represent strategic planning (chess piece), content addition (plus sign), and various types of media (photo and video icons) in a digital interface or as part of an application's user experience design.
    Digital Brand Strategy
  • The image features three black speech bubble icons interconnected, each containing a different symbol, set against a transparent background:  The first bubble contains a hash symbol (#), commonly used to represent a hashtag or a topic trend on social media. The second bubble has a
    Social Media
  •  The image shows a black outline of a pie chart, indicating data segmentation, statistics, or portions of a whole, with an arrow pointing upwards, symbolizing growth or increase. Additionally, there is a rectangle with the letters
    Marketing Data and Analytics
  • null
    Marketing Automation
The image depicts a lively networking event. Numerous individuals are engaged in conversations, some standing with drinks in their hands, which indicates a casual and social atmosphere. The venue appears to be an indoor space with modern design elements, such as stylish lighting and large windows, contributing to a bright and inviting environment. The attire of the attendees varies, suggesting a diverse group from different professional backgrounds. This scene is typical of conferences or professional meetups where individuals gather to connect, share ideas, and expand their professional networks.

What to Expect

  • 2.5 days of 40+ exceptional speaker sessions
  • A variety of dynamic speaker experiences
  • 3 evenings of networking and community-building
  • Snacks, coffee, and other refreshments available between sessions
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Meet The SocialWest 2024 Line-Up

More Announcements Still To Come

At SocialWest, our esteemed presenters are true authorities in their respective fields. They've not only mastered the essential tasks of budgeting, strategizing, management, optimization, and reporting, but they also possess a deep understanding of what it takes to craft a truly effective social media and digital marketing strategy.

  • "Marketing in the Age of AI"
    Breanne SchroderAccount Executive
  • "Creativity to the power of AI"
    Ying KongClient Solutions
  • Best Use Of First-Party Data For Marketing
    James AltyManaging Director
  • TBA
    Sean McConnellAgency Lead
  • People Follow People: How Community Drives Brand Loyalty
    Joe Teo
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Creativity to the power of AI
    Meredith McKeough
    Client Partner
  • Their Time Has Come: Unlocking The Secret to Marketing to Gen Z
    Kathy LevinskiCustomer Success Manager, Smartmail Marketing
  • Email Marketing: So Simple, Yet So Complicated
    Geoffrey BlancGeneral Manager
  • Beyond Likes and Follows: Crafting Impactful Influencer Marketing Strategies
    Umair Tazeem
    Founder and CEO
  • Community Commerce on TikTok
    Neil CameronHead of Canadian Agency Partnerships
  • AI Journey: From Hype to Reality
    Ronnie MalewskiManaging Director
  • Why You Don’t Like Your CMS
    Derek McBurney
    Head of Technology
  • What's Working in Marketing – Social Media Edition
  • Beyond Bloodletting and Lobotomies: Why Differentiation and Loyalty Aren't Enough for Brand Growth
    Marc BinkleyConsultant, Fractional CMO
  • Headshot of Robert Simmons Agency Alchemy: Turning Projects Into Profits
    Robert SimmonsOperations Lead
  • What To Say When Everyone Is Yelling
    Mary KapustaDirector, Communications and Engagement
  • Why Perceived Value Is Often More Important Than What We Consider "Real" Value
    Joshua MuirheadDirector, Experience
  • Digital Marketing Hiring Practices And Trends
    Richard Wong
    Board Member
  • Narrative by Design: How Websites Shape Your Brand Story
    Jesse McLeanFounder & Principal
  • "Systems to Scale: 5 Steps to 5X Your Business"
    Gabrielle TongolCEO and Founder
  • Building a Business without Burning Out
    Dakota KidbyOwner and Principal
  • What Are Your Customers Actually Looking For and How Do You Deliver It?
    Bryce McDermidAdvertising Strategist
  • Injecting Personality And Life Into Your Words: Lessons From (Not A) Copywriter
    Dawn MartinelloProgram and Business Manager
  • Sharing Your Privates - How to take control of your brand when you can't see it.
    Scott KingStrategist
  • The SMS Masterclass: Everything You Need to Know About SMS Marketing
    Alicia TaggioDirector, Customer Success
  • Everything You Need to Know Today About Media Relations
    Paula WorthingtonPresident and Founder
  • Navigating Social Media in a Regulated Industry
    Victoria BennettFounder & CEO
  • Queer Inclusive Copywriting
  • How We Saved $100,000 in One Year with Generative AI
    Keri ScullandManager of Editing and Content Strategy
  • How We Saved $100,000 in One Year with Generative AI
    Zoey DuncanTeam Lead, Website Content Strategy
  • "Welcome to the Blue Sky City"
    Keli PollockExecutive Creative Director
  • "Welcome to the Blue Sky City"
  • "The Curious Leader - Challenging Your Fixed Mindset & Embracing Growth"
    Tyler Chisholm
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Digital Marketing Hiring Practices and Trends
    Darian KovacsPrincipal
  • People Follow People: How Community Drives Brand Loyalty
    Christina Garnett
    Fractional Chief Customer Officer and Advisor
  • Unlocking Website Performance to Boost B2B Success
    Chantelle Little
    Founder and CEO
  • Panel: How B2B Marketing Is Evolving and What's Working in 2024
    Jake SurreyDirector of Digital
  • Panel: How B2B Marketing Is Evolving and What's Working in 2024
    Christine GilliesChief Product and Marketing Officer
  • How B2B Marketing Is Evolving and What's Working in 2024
    Anju Visen SinghVice President, Marketing
  • What Do (digital) Audiences Really Want
    Alyssa Yuhas 
    Creative Director
  • AI Journey: From Hype to Reality
    Basil HattoSVP, Product & Growth
  • Learning to Fly by Missing the Ground: Lessons in Going for It

2024 Conference Agenda

Full Schedule Now Available

    5 PM - 8 PM
    8 AM - 4 PM
    4 PM - 6 PM
    8 AM - 4 PM
    4 PM - 6 PM

Who Should Attend

The SocialWest Conference is the only conference you need to attend to understand, adopt, and succeed with content marketing, social media, one-to-one customer service, and digital advertising.

  • Social Media Managers
  • Communications & Marketing Professionals
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Community Managers

  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Digital Advertisers
  • CMOs
  • Nonprofit Executives

  • VPs of Marketing
  • Marketing Leaders
  • Small Business Operators
  • Email Marketers

Invest in Your Success

  • Standard Ticket

    $899 + fees and taxes
    • Access to all 30+ conference sessions
    • Two evening networking events
    • Networking lounge and app access
    • Snacks and beverages at breaks
  • Ultimate Package

    $999.25 + fees and taxes EVERYTHING IN THE REGULAR TICKET, PLUS:
    • Pre-conference workshop ($129 value)
    • Opening Bash ($69 value)
    • Boxed lunch on both days ($60 value)
    Get your ticket Save $250

Enhance Your SocialWest Experience

The image depicts an indoor conference setting with an audience seated in rows, attentively watching a speaker who is presenting on a stage. The stage is set against a backdrop of curtains, and the speaker is standing beside a large screen displaying visual aids to complement the presentation. The audience consists of a diverse group of individuals, some of whom are taking notes on laptops and mobile devices, indicating engagement with the content being discussed. The setting suggests a formal yet interactive educational or professional development session.

Pre-conference Workshop: The Undying Importance of Understanding Customer Journey

Regular Price: $129
$99 Early Bird Price

Join us on June 5th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm for a dive deep into the intricacies of the customer journey in our pre-conference session. Explore innovative strategies to map touch-points, predict behaviours, and tailor experiences that resonate with customers at every stage. Unlock the secrets to fostering lasting relationships and driving brand loyalty.


Opening Bash

Regular Price: $69
$49 Early Bird Price

Kick off SocialWest with our Opening Bash—a night of vibrant networking and the chance to mingle with industry peers and some of our speakers. Don't miss the celebration to start the SocialWest with energy and lots of connections.

Delicious Lunches by Hudson

Limited Quantities Available
$30 / day

Enjoy a specially prepared boxed lunch at SocialWest, available only through pre-purchase. Convenient and crafted to fuel your conference day, secure yours now—no on-site sales will be available.

The image is composed of two photographs. The top photo displays the entrance of a building with a sign reading "HUDSON" above grand archways, indicative of an elegant and possibly historic venue. Below, the second photo captures an indoor event in progress with a lively atmosphere. A crowd of people is gathered around a stage where a person in a red shirt appears to be leading an activity or speaking, with the audience's attention directed towards them. The room suggests a formal event space, with attendees engaged in the proceedings.
Hudson200 8 Ave SW 6th floor
Calgary, AB T2P 1B5, CAGoogle Map

Join us at Hudson in the Center of Downtown Calgary

State-Of-The-Art Event Venue

Located on the sixth floor of Hudson’s Bay’s heritage building, Hudson boasts impressive design, spectacular views, incredible versatility and outstanding food and service offerings. 

Join us at Hudson
FAIRMONT PALLISER133 9th Avenue South West
Calgary, AB T2P 2M3, CAGoogle Map

Stay at Calgary's Most Historic Hotel — Steps Away From Our Venue

Book our special rate. Limited Rooms Available.

Centrally located in downtown Calgary, Fairmont Palliser is conveniently situated in the heart of the city's business and financial district and is near the city's most exciting retail shopping, arts, culture and entertainment venues. Calgary's friendly spirit, coupled with the city's vibrant urban ambiance makes for a metropolis of wonderful contrasts.

The Palliser Hotel is location one block from the SocialWest venue.

Book before Monday, May 13th, 2024 to get the discounted rate. Limited discounted rooms available.

Book your discounted room

SocialWest 2024 Sponsors

Our Partners Reach 1,900+ Canadian Marketers

SocialNext Conferences sponsors will reach over 1,900 Canadian digital marketing professionals at our five main conferences across Canada in 2024.

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 The image captures an indoor conference scene with an audience seated in rows, attentively facing a speaker on stage. The speaker, visible on two large screens for better visibility, stands at a lectern against a backdrop of blue curtains illuminated by stage lights. The room is well-lit, with elegant chandeliers overhead, and the audience appears engaged in the presentation, indicative of a professional or educational event.

A Look Back At SocialWest 2023

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